Sound absorption limits the level of background noise pressure in the room to create a comfortable environment in which people can concentrate and work productively without experiencing irritation or stress caused by noise. PARTE panels improve acoustic absorption by reducing reverberation and background noises, 

Single-sided panels upholstered in acoustical fabric mount on the wall or on the ceiling utilizing a variety of mounting methods.

PARTE is a highly innovative and complete solution which can be adapted to a wide range of rooms, from office environment to auditoriums, conference halls, theaters and classrooms. 


Where acoustic performance is critical, the right fabric allows sound to pass through so that sound-absorbing products can do their best work.

PARTE panels have been conceived and designed to guarantee the most effective acoustic absorption performance, durability and safety:

PARTE fabrics are available in a wide range of colors, our fabrics undergo repeated production checks to guarantee the highest quality and performance over time.





The intelligibility of speech determines how well you can hear and understand speech in the room. This parameter is closely related to the reverberation time. (The reverberation time is defined as the time required for the sound pressure level to fall 60 dB below the original level.)

PARTE prevents reverberation (echo) and the "party effect" (When the level of sound in the room is increased uncontrollably because people start talking louder and louder, so that they can be heard.)

The acoustic absorption of the PARTE panels performs particularly well with frequencies affected by speech (250-2000 Hz).


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for any size venue.

PARTE sound-absorbing panels are available in a

wide range of standard and custom sizes.