A simple and economical way to create a safety barrier between surfaces without compromising aesthetics.


Desk Top Shields are available in tempered glass, clear or frosted acrylic, Lexan, fabrics, writing surfaces, cork and wood laminates.


With myriad of clamping hardware these flexible shields are a quick and easy way to be mounted on practically all types of work surfaces.


Clamp Options 

Available in Custom Configurations and Finishes

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End Mount Clamp


Cubicle Panel Clamp


Edge-Mount Clamp


Free Standing Clamp


Surface-Mount Clamp

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Materials &





Acrylic can be used to enhance your environment and create visually beautiful results.. Transmitting 92% of all visible light and high tensile strength and rigidity, light weight and good impact resistance, 

Other key properties include:

  • A high gloss, hard surface

  • 1/3 the weight of traditional float glass and five times as strong

  • Easy to clean – the high gloss surface makes it easy to clean, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum

  • Excellent environmental credentials – An efficiently produced, non-toxic pure material with a long service life



The smooth and non-porous surface of glass is very effective in preventing transmission of viruses and glass can easily be cleaned and maintained.

Our tempered glass is an ideal surface for writing and exchanging of ideas. Magnetic glass is also available.




Polycarbonates are extremely robust, lightweight with glass-like transparency and is impact resistant. Although it has high impact-resistance, it has low scratch-resistance.

Polycarbonate is highly transparent, with better light transmission than many kinds of glass. Polycarbonate has an impact resistance 200 times better than glass. And while it is a much stronger material, polycarbonate is 50% lighter than glass.

Polycarbonate provides a very easy to clean writing surface using dry-erase markers. 



A-1 Free Standing Shields have been conceived and designed to guarantee the most effective safety, acoustic absorption performance and durability.

Fabrics are available in A-1 standard  colors, custom and COM fabrics.


Look to A-1 VISUAL SYSTEMS' Frameless Shields for the

perfect balance between safety, acoustics and aesthetics for any size venue.

Frameless Shields are available in a wide range of

standard and custom sizes. 

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Established in 1938, A-1 Visual Systems has been an industry leader and innovator in visual communication products for educational, commercial, governmental, industrial and institutional applications. A-1 Visual Systems offers a complete line of high quality standard or customized communication products, old fashioned "caring" customer service and exceptional value.